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Absorbent cotton
Absorbent cotton
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Product Details:

Absorption principle:
Crest cotton is made of high density foam, the egg shell the same appearance and good acoustic properties, by sound waves reflected back and forth within the sponge absorbing low frequencies above the voice of 500HZ to reduce the interference of the reflected sound and response, enhance the voice purity, so that the sound more vibrant.
1, features:
2, sound absorption rate insulation good
3, flame retardant grade level B1
4, structure, morphology and stability
5, lightweight, safe and convenient construction
6, harmless to the environment pollution-free, odorless
7, water, flood water back strong, sound-absorbing performance is not decreased, morphological change
8, you can re-use, destruction is easy, no secondary pollution to the environment
9, melting point 250 ℃
3, Color Size:
1, color: black, never change color, other colors to avoid a color change over time.
2, Size: 1000X2000X30/50mm, 1500X2000X30/50mm.
4, Applications:
Crest cotton with fire, sound absorption, sound insulation, noise reduction, environmental protection is widely applied to television, cinema, opera, dance halls, concert hall, home theater room, piano room, sound room, studio, speakers, recording studio , studio, bar, KTV, night clubs, etc., also can be used as equipment, machinery noise, muffled.

【Big picture:】
Absorbent cotton
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